Dear Future Fund-raiser,

Are you tired of the standard everyday fundraising ploys that drain your patience and fill your refrigerator or closet with a useless product?

SPELTZ STUDIO OF WILDLIFE is prepared to offer you something different. Speltz Studio, the Midwest's producer of "Industrial Wildlife Art", will be willing to discuss a possible teamwork project. This project will include an original oil painting that depicts a scene related to your actual group. J.D. Speltz has produced an abundant collection of scenes from across the United States. Thestudio has been the recipient of ten state stamps and six national awards. Speltz Studio has worked with over 480 groups and raised over $2,500,000.00. Each original painting displays their time-consuming style and a story told dramatically in glowing colors. In every painting you will also find a number of small sparrows somewhere on the canvas. These represent the less visible people who play a part in the development of your project.

You can become a sparrow! Speltz Studio of Wildlife produces a limited edition set of lithography prints from each original painting. These prints are hand-signed and numbered for authenticity. When matted, the print size becomes a standard 16"x20". The prints will retail for $35.00 each. The original painting measures 26"x38" and retails for $600.00 plus tax.

An example of how the project would work: If there were 300 limited edition prints($35.00 retail) and 30 artist proofs ($40.00 retail) produced: 300 Regular Edition Prints and 30 Artist Proofs = 330 total
330 - 40 = 290 x $15.00 = $4,350.00

Projects vary in size from 150 to 4,000 limited edition prints with an added 10% of the edition being designated as artist proofs. (i.e.: 150 + 15A/P's = 165 total prints for sale)
After 40 sales, $15.00 per print sales go to the fund-raiser group. The first 40 sales offset expenses of the Studio for program costs, lithographic, shrink-wraps, and pamphlets.

60 days after the fundraiser ends, one check will be written to the group.

Mats and frames from Speltz Studio of Wildlife MUST be offered by the salespeople.

You can be the next group to receive a check ! The really great part of this fund-raiser is that your group is totally at no risk. Speltz Studio of Wildlife incurs all costs. The harder, stronger,and more united your group is, the more money you will make!

Don't wait another day or go through another fund-raiser without any real profit.
Call or write now:

Speltz Studio of Wildlife
P.O. 110 or 430 6th St.
Armstrong, IA 50514
712-868-3001 Fax: 712-868-3882
(24 hour answering machine) - web site