"Caring Partners II”
Sponsored by the Iowa Emergency Management Association
I.E.M.A. Series

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The Iowa Emergency Management Association
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The Iowa Emergency Management Association, under the guidance of their fund raising committee, has undertaken a money making project for the state. Speltz Studio of Wildlife has been commissioned to paint a collector's picture depicting a I.E.M.A. scene. The painting will showcase a rural "Training Day" with multiple implications on how the association plays a very diverse part in our state.

From this original, a low number of regular edition prints and artist proofs will be made. The group will sell these prints for only $35.00 and hopes to raise over $10,000 for their efforts. Speltz Studio has given out over $2,000,000 to Midwest groups.

J.D. Speltz is a 10 time Iowa State Stamp and 4 time National Award winner. The binding similarity in all Speltz Studio paintings would be the drama or story that each tells. In every painting, you will find a number of small sparrows somewhere on the canvas. The sparrows in this original represent the fallen I.E.M.A. members.

The committee is asking anyone who would like to reserve an early print and support the fund-raiser to please call the Studio at 1-712-868-3001 and order directly over the phone. All orders will be numbered on a first come basis. Numbers can be request but NOT guaranteed. An order form can be viewed and printed by clicking on the link shown under the print.

Thank you for your continued support in this state fund-raiser!

All deluxe framed orders received before July 3rd, 2008 will receive a T-shirt with the print image. Example is shown below.

I.E.M.A. Print Order Form