"Time and culture are captured with the stroke of the brush...."

J.D. Speltz enjoys working with groups from mid-America and explains, "During my years in the midwest I realized how closely people from this area associate themselves with the local art culture. I realized the need for actual historical natural sites with man and nature co-existing. Hence what I call "industrial wildlife".

Already recognized as a pioneer in the field of "Industrial Wildlife Art", Mr. Speltz paints his future with an eager and learning attitude.

In 1979, he graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in art and history education. Knowing of his love for nature in the Midwest, he was drawn to the small community of Armstrong, Iowa.

While teaching in and developing the art department of Armstrong-Ringsted Community School, he began an art shop that filled his commission time with smaller commercial and private projects.

Speltz retired from education and now spends all his time researching new projects. His schedule is booked into the next five years.

He works in partnership with conservation groups and civic organizations to provide a way to use this art to help their groups raise funds to realize their goals for conservation and community projects. More than 480 groups have raised over $2,500,000 working with Speltz Studio of Widlife in Armstrong. J.D. has been awarded ten state stamps and three national print commissions. Money raised has helped build shelter houses, provide nesting areas, buy land for widlife habitat, educate youngsters, and assist centennial committees.

The binding similarity in all J.D. Speltz paintings would be the drama or story that each tells. In every painting you will find a number of small sparrows somewhere on the canvas; these represent all the less visible people who play a part in his studio but never get the main spotlight. All are important in the development of this advancing artist, as the sparrows are a special ingredient in his wildlife.

J.D.'s editions are displayed across the nation and surrounding area. They can be purchased directly through the studio, a sponsoring dealer, or commissioned corporations and civic groups.